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Disabling our wp-login.php Restriction

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  • 20 August 2022 8:33 AM

By default, LaunchCDN blocks access to wp-login.php to prevent brute force attacks on your site. Prior to adding this restriction, we found a lot of sites were commonly being hit by a lot of traffic at the wp-login.php URL.


For most users, they do not need to use this file, as they can use the One-Click Login from inside their LaunchCDN account to access WordPress Admin.


If you need to be able to login from outside of your LaunchCDN account, there are two options.


1. Our recommendation is to install a plugin to rename wp-login.php, such as WPS Hide Login. That way, the wp-login.php URL becomes something completely different, and helps keep your site safe.

2. We do not recommend this method, but you can disable the restriction by adding the following line to your site's .htaccess file.

Allow from env=wplogin

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