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MainWP and ManageWP Connection Issues

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If you try to add websites hosted on LaunchCDN to either MainWP or ManageWP, the websites might refuse to connect.


This is because the server may be getting blocked by the Web Application Firewall of the CDNs that we use.


The workaround is to use the direct IP address of the server to establish a connection. This isn't supported in ManageWP yet, however we have contacted their developers to ask for .

For MainWP, you can edit the hosts file on your server (generally located at /etc/hosts on a Linux server) to point directly to our origin server.


There's a function in your LaunchCDN dashboard to download a Hosts file for all of the IPs of your sites, which you can then place in the /etc/hosts file of your Linux server.

Please note that occasionally your sites may be moved to another server for operational reasons (eg upgrading a server, replacing old servers), so we recommend setting a cronjob to update that file every 1-7 days.

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