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E-Mail Options for Sites on LaunchCDN

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  • 24 October 2021 11:00 AM

When deploying a domain to LaunchCDN, you have the choice of 2 options for your domain's email configuration: E-Mail Forwarding or Custom MX Records

E-Mail Forwarding

When you select E-Mail Forwarding, we choose at random one of several e-mail providers, including the e-mail forwarding that is offered with some of our DNS providers, and configure the domain to forward email to your own email account.

If you want to update the forwarding settings, please contact our support team for assistance.

Custom MX Records

When you select Custom MX Records, we will deploy the MX and SPF records for your chosen provider. This will allow you to connect that domain to an email hosting service, and give you full control over setting up as many mailboxes or forwarders that you'd like.

The list of providers that we currently support are:

  • ForwardMX - email forwarding service
  • EmailForward.MX - email forwarding service
  • Fastmail - private email hosting service
  • Mailgun - inbound/outbound mail service
  • ImprovMX - email forwarding service
  • ProtonMail - privacy focused email hosting service
  • Runbox - privacy focused email hosting service
  • Tutanota - privacy focused email hosting service
  • Yandex - free email hosting service
  • Zoho - low cost email hosting service

If you wish to deploy MX records for other providers not listed above, please contact our 24x7 Support team with the MX records for your chosen provider and the domain that you wish to update them on, and we can update those records for you.

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